Be Your Best Barista

We’ll teach you how to meet the highest standards for the sweetest, most beautiful coffees while also working to create what's true to you.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday 10/20, 10am-4pm: Latte Art and Barista Skills Workshop $175 with Justin

Tuesday 10/22, 10am-12:30pm: Make Every Drink $75 with Saidat

Saturday 10/26, 11am-1:30pm: Latte Art Intro $40 with Justin

Welcome to Procreate Coffee NYC!

Learn the skills to make any coffee taste fantastic while your personality and preferences will be encouraged to shine through.

Not third wave. Your Wave.

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Whether you need help with your new business, building barista skills, or want to learn a new skill just for fun, we look forward to meeting you in class soon!


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158 27th St. 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11232

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