Training That Works

At Procreate Coffee NYC, we strongly believe in supporting our community by offering the most effective barista training available. Practice is essential for a barista's success and by introducing the element of time and sincere interest in each student, we have been able to help students meet goals. 

Individualized training available over time has been successful in producing results that matter. Coffee shop owners can learn the ropes, ask questions and make informed decisions before starting their business. Baristas can receive guidance for where to apply, how to apply, and develop the skills necessary to be a competitive candidate for most positions. Enthusiasts can connect with friends old and new by participating in a hobby that many are drawn to.

Whether you need help with your new business, building barista skills, or want to learn a new skill just for fun, we can help you get started right now. Come in Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 9am-2pm and be ready to learn!