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We’ll teach you how to meet the highest standards for the best, sweetest, most beautiful coffees while also working to create what's true to you.

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Welcome to Procreate Coffee NYC!

We are an independent and unaffiliated barista training resource offering you unbiased coffee classes in Brooklyn.

Procreate Coffee NYC is not a coffee roasting company or a coffee shop. We are solely focused on barista training. Every class is small, personal, and committed to growth and learning. The focus is on your progress as a student.  We are sincerely committed to helping each student reach their goals and our classes are for everyone - not just coffee purists!

Learn the skills to make any coffee taste fantastic while your personality and preferences will be encouraged to shine through.

Not third wave. Your Wave.

Who are we?

Procreate Coffee NYC was created in 2013 by offering weekly classes which were held from several different locations including Kitten Coffee, Devocion, and a small workspace inside a warehouse on Bedford and Willoughby. In 2017, Procreate Coffee was contracted by the Department of Corrections to start a coffee school for inmates at Riker’s Island. Procreate Coffee discontinued classes for the public while the program at Riker’s was in its early stages, but has since resumed when the barista training lab was opened in Sunset Park in November of 2018. The barista program at Riker’s Island was created to teach young adult inmates a useful skill as well as promote morale within the facilities among inmates and corrections officers alike. It was immediately popular and continues to make people happy 3 days a week.

Come learn with us!

Whether you need help with your new business, building barista skills, or want to learn a new skill just for fun, we look forward to meeting you in class soon!


Our Location

158 27th St. 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11232

Open Thursdays and Fridays during class times only

(347) 377-2678

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