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Procreate Coffee NYC

Intro to Coffee Roasting at Pulley Collective

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If you've never roasted coffee but are curious about the process or think you might want to become a coffee roaster yourself, this is a great place to start! We've teamed up with Andrew Richter, head roaster and green coffee buyer at Gotham Coffee Roasters, to bring you this 2 hour intro to roasting class! 

You'll be introduced to the best sample/profile roaster on the market, the San Franciscan 1 lb Sample Roaster. It is perfectly suited for profiling and roasting high-end micro-lot boutique coffees. Andrew will teach essential fundamentals you'll need to know before you begin roasting and then you'll see the roasting process from start to finish. Some topics this class will cover:

  • Green coffee composition
  • Roaster design
  • Heat transfer in a roasting system
  • Basic roasting chemistry
  • Roast phases and effect on cup character
  • Introduction to controlling a roaster

Coffee roasting is a very complex process and there's a lot to learn, so this class is just the tip of the iceberg! 

For insurance purposes, you will be able to watch the roasting process with Andrew as an intermediary between you and the machine, but students cannot be operate any equipment themselves. 


Location: Pulley Collective, 175 Van Dyke St, Brooklyn, NY 11231