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Procreate Coffee NYC

Buttons vs Paddles at Procreate

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At Procreate, students have an opportunity to work with two different espresso machines: the Unic Stella, a volumetric machine built for consistency, and the La Marzocco Strada EP, built for endless control and customization. 

The Unic (pronounced "unique") is easy and fun to work with but the Strada puts control back in the hands of the barista and every drink you make with it feels like a true masterpiece. 

In this class, you'll learn how to use both machines as well as the two different espresso grinders we have: the Macap MXD and the Simonelli Mythos. And we'll explore the pros and cons of other equipment choices such as bottomless vs spouted portafilters, design of milk steaming pitchers and different tampers.

And you don't need any experience to join so you can totally jump right in to the geeky stuff first and catch up with the Basics later! But if you're planning on doing both, it really is recommended you do the Basics first or try the All in One Workshop