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Procreate Coffee NYC

All in One Workshop at Procreate

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Want to learn everything in one class? In this 6 hour workshop, you will start with the basics: extracting espresso, steaming milk to the proper consistency and pouring latte art. The first half of class will introduce you to working on the Unic (pronounced "unique") Stella Volumetric machine.

After a quick break, you'll level up to the La Marzocco Strada EP and learn more advanced espresso techniques. Then it'll be time for the creative part of class: designing your own drinks! 


10am-1:00pm: All of the basics! The beginning portion of this class will be conducted on the Unic Stella volumetric espresso machine. You'll learn how to make espresso, steam milk, and pour latte art. You'll start with 3 basic designs: heart, tulip, and rosetta. 

1:00-1:30pm: break 

1:30-2pm: Hello Strada! We'll circle back around to espresso and introduce you to some more advanced concepts like pressure profiling. 

2-3:30pm: Design your own drink! Demo of macchiato, cortado, cappuccino, and latte. Discuss the elements of special drinks and make a mocha. Learn how to make your own syrups and whipped cream and put it all together to make your own. 

3:30-4pm: Review and practice!