Latte Art Intro
Latte Art Intro
Latte Art Intro

Latte Art Intro

Procreate Coffee NYC
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Length: 2 hours / $90 per person
Group class maximum size: 4 people

Latte art can be the perfect place to start for nearly all beginners. Latte art skills are becoming the most defining example of a barista’s capability and with a strong foundation in latte art, a student also naturally learns to care about espresso and the overall quality of coffee. 

You don't need any experience for this hands-on class with instruction, demonstration, and critique. With the help of the instructor, you will learn how to make espresso, steam milk, and try out 3 latte art designs: heart, tulip, and rosetta.

This is a great class for anyone that wants to become a barista or figure out why they can't make latte art at home. It's also a fun way to try something new with a friend or two!


Location: 158 27th St, Brooklyn on the 3rd floor. Walk-up only.