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Latte Art Intro

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This class is recommended for:

  • students considering opening a coffee shop
  • students seeking employment as baristas
  • home baristas
  • anyone looking to learn or do something new and fun!

You won't need any experience to join us for this class in making beautiful lattes. We'll start by learning how to properly extract espresso to create a foundation for your drinks. You will then learn how to pour 3 latte art designs: heart, tulip, and rosetta. Basic milk steaming will receive some attention in this class, although it will not be a main focus. 

If you're looking for a simple introduction to latte art then this class is for you! If you'd like to spend more time working on milk steaming and perfecting your skills, we recommend the 10 hour Latte Art class. 

Location: 158 27th St, Brooklyn on the 3rd floor. Walk-up only.